Date: 4th September 2000

Cybil Shepherd Heads For Jane Fonda's Ex

CYBILL SHEPHERD is moving in on the man who broke JANE FONDA's heart - TED TURNER - by telling the millionaire he should feel free to call her.

The twice divorced single mum, 50, was taping for her new show MEN ARE FROM MARS WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS when she announced that she desperately wanted the media mogul to call her - and ask her out. An insider says, "During the shoot, Cybill confided that most of the men who hit on her are around 25 years old. Cybill said she never knew what to say to them - especially since they are closer in age to her daughter CLEMENTINE who is 21." And, at the end of the show, Shepherd looked straight at the camera and said, "Ted Turner if you are watching please give me a call because I would like you to ask me out."

The insider adds, "Cybill thinks they will be a good match because they are both strong personalities and the are both from the South."


Source: WENN



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