Date: 14th March 2001

Donald Sutherland's Love For Jane Fonda

Actor DONALD SUTHERLAND has no problems remembering the rampant sexual energy in his relationship with JANE FONDA.

Recently watching a clip from the 1971 film KLUTE, in which he co-stars with Jane, Donald was able to recall every small detail of what he did with the actress before that scene. He says, "Oh gosh...I suppose we'd made love probably an hour or two before that, and three or four hours after. "We had wonderful, wonderful year and a half. She was terrific."

Three-times married Donald, whose affair with Jane heralded the break-up of his second marriage, goes misty-eyed in the forthcoming BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION programme SCENE BY SCENE. He adds, "
We just had a extraordinary love affair. It allowed me to have a terrific sensual and sexual, loving life after it, with no regrets and just a great deal of joy. And the wish that she has happiness to the end of her life." (RP/WNTEX/PDD)

Source: WENN