Date: 4th December 2000

Lopez A Bully

Sexy JENNIFER LOPEZ used to bully her schoolpals into running errands for her every day - until one girl dared to stand up to her.

Lopez's best friend ARLENE RODRIGUEZ, who is now her personal assistant, was the one who dared to challenge the young diva.

Arlene remembers, "Jennifer was the new one at school, she came in second grade and she thought she was going to take over the place. "She believed she was PINKY TUSCADERO from HAPPY DAYS. She had all these friends and she was like, 'You get my shoes, you get this, you get that.' "I saw everybody running and getting her stuff, and I said, 'No!'. She came up and kicked me in the knee. I told on her and she got in trouble. Then we became friends."


Source: WENN