Date: 1st September 2000

The Cutting "Edge"

Because there were no sex scenes, the makers of Whipped, which opens today (Friday) (see above), say they were puzzled about how to reedit the film after it was initially handed an NC-17 rating by the MPAA ratings board. They don't tell you what to take out," first-time filmmaker Peter M. Cohen told today's Los Angeles Daily News. "You have to just keep on resubmitting, and I think I resubmitted about eight times." The newspaper reported that Cohen deleted "a ton" of questionable dialogue. "They didn't ask me to remove these things, but these are the things that got it down to an R," he told the newspaper. Cohen acknowledged that removing the dialogue from the film was upsetting. "Definitely, it still has an edge," Cohen remarked. "But it used to have a bigger edge."

Source: Studio Briefing



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