Date: 1st September 2000

Movie Reviews: Whipped

New York Daily News critic Jami Bernard doesn't often rate films with zero stars, but that's what she gives Whipped. Her review concludes with these words: "The ways in which broken men and women scam each other to make themselves feel better takes a backseat to that other burning question: Who scammed whom to get this movie made?" Andy Seiler in USA Today is no less damning in his review, calling the film "loathsome from the get-go" and adding that it tells a "toilet-paper-thin" tale." Similarly Loren King in the Boston Globe comments that Whipped "takes toilet humor to new depths."Stephen Holden in the New York Times puts it this way: "There are moments when this dirty-mouthed revenge comedy becomes so mean-spirited that you almost gasp at its cruelty."

Source: Studio Briefing



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