Date: 17th November 2000

Tony Goldwyn Grossed Out By Clone

His new film role became a nightmare for THE 6TH DAY star TONY GOLDWYN who was transformed into a grotesque version of himself.

The star of KISS THE GIRLS was not prepared for the endless ordeal which changed his mind about ever wanting a real life clone. He describes, "That was horrible. I'd never done a prosthetic make-up before and when they said, `Oh we're gonna do a body cast of you and you're gonna have this really cool clone make-up.' I thought that'll be interesting and fun. "It was kind of hell to sit in a chair for six, seven hours and have this goo put on your body. And then you have to have your body shaved so it doesn't rip your skin off when they remove it. Then to spend twelve hours baking inside this rubber body and to have two more hours taking it off at night. It was not pleasant!"

Then the greatest challenge for the GHOST star was acting through all the make-up. He explains, "
They have a rubber application that's like gelatin, but it really is like skin. It was really pliable. You just have to relax and accept the fact that it's not you." (RXM/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN



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