Date: 11th November 2000

Matt Damon: I Hate The Showbiz Press

MATT DAMON longs for the days where movie stars were left alone by the press - because it was so much more interesting.

The LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE star admits he hates the way the press have become so intrusive into the lives of celebrities - and thinks the cult of the star is just a waste of energy. Damon says, "Just the culture around it is, I think, such a monumental waste of energy. "It's just deeply offensive that so many resources are put into it. So much time of these people's lives is put into wondering about other people's lives."

And he believes movie stars of the past were lucky to have avoided today's tabloid culture. Damon adds, "
Do you think MARILYN MONROE or JAMES DEAN would be the icons they are if ACCESS HOLLYWOOD were out in front of their houses every day? "No f**king way. You'd know way too much about them. There would be no mystery to them. You'd see every nook and cranny and crevice and mistake and blunder."


Source: WENN



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