Date: 30th September 2019

Dwayne Johnson Teases Possible "Furious" Return.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has hinted at a possible reunion with the "Fast and Furious" star Vin Diesel, after the two actors spent the last couple of years in a reported feud.

Johnson on Saturday took to Instagram to thank Diesel and his wife for congratulating him on his recent wedding and supporting "Hobbs and Shaw". He also thanked the fans, cast and crew for the film.

Johnson offered a video post thanking fans for the success of "Hobbs & Shaw" and then goes on to thank Vin Diesel who recently offered a congratulatory post released to Johnson's wedding. The "Ballers" star says:

"Lastly, but not least, I want to thank brother Vin for your support of Hobbs & Shaw. I saw your post and I appreciate it. … As you know, and what a wild ride this is and what a wild ride this has been, 10 years ago when you and I spoke, you invited me into the Fast and Furious family. I'm grateful for that invite. And as you know, my goal was always, all these years, to come into the Fast & Furious world and help elevate the franchise in any way that I possibly could. And of course, all roads lead to one thing. I'll be seeing you soon, Toretto."

Johnson previously explained their feud away as the pair having fundamentally different approaches to “moviemaking and collaborating” and it took a few discussions for him to reach an understanding.

A tenth film in the series is already being planned. "Fast and Furious 9" is scheduled for release May 22nd 2020.

Source: Press Release