Date: 20th November 2018

Rebel Wilson joins Cats musical adaptation.

Rebel Wilson has joined the all-star cast and will be taking on the role of the old Gumbie cat Jennyanydots.

Wilson will portray the old Gumbie cat Jennyanydots, who has a reputation for being lazy. In Cats lore she's known to spend her days seeking out the warm and sunny spots where she sits, and sits, and sits, and sleeps as the hours tick by. But when the moon rises, she's alive and bakes and fries, and teaches the mice "knitting, crocheting and tatting". On top of that, she employs the cockroaches to be her troop of helpful boy scouts.

Wilson joins a huge ensemble that includes Jennifer Hudson (Grizabella), Taylor Swift, James Corden, Ian McKellen (Gus the Theatre Cat), Judi Dench (Deuteronomy), Idris Elba (Macavity), and Royal Ballet principal dancers Steven McRae (Skimbleshanks) and Francesca Hayward (Victoria).

Wilson can next be seen starring in Warner Bros' romantic comedy Isn't It Romantic opposite Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine and Priyanka Chopra, due out on Valentine’s Day 2019.

Source: Press Release



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