Aryan Couple, The (2005) - Synopsis

Occupied Hungary 1944. Hans and Ingrid Vassman are the perfect Aryan couple. Young, married, in love and expecting their first child, they work as valet and maid for an elderly Jewish couple, the Krauzenbergs, in their magnificent palace in the Hungarian Countryside. They have everything to look forward to or so they would have you believe. Hitler's 'Final Solution' is sweeping through Europe. Himmler, the Fuhrer's second-incommand, has instigated 'The Europe Plan’, offering rich Jewish families the chance to emigrate and avoid the concentration camp and certain death in exchange for everything they own.

The Wealthy Krauzenbergs, desperate to save their family, make a deal and the Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler has decided to visit them in person to guarantee them safe passage and ensure the smooth transfer of all they own to his possession. They will be joined at a dinner by 'the devil himself', none other than Adolph Eichmann, in charge of the death camps, to ensure all goes smoothly. But first, a detailed security check is to take place on all employees, and Vassman and Ingrid, the two Aryans, are coming under close scrutiny...

...Vassman and Ingrid are not Aryan at all, but Jewish and working for the local resistance.

The web is closing in. Will they try to escape to Palestine with the Krauzenberg family for the sake of their unborn child? Or perhaps they seize the opportunity at the dinner to poison two of the most evil mass murderers in modern times and change the course of history forever...?