Football Days (2003) - Synopsis

Six thirtysomething friends, talentless and unfit, decide to form a seven-a-side football team called Brazil.

At the core of the group is cab driver Antonio (Ernesto Alterio), an ex-con who has developed a passion for Freudian analysis through his prison therapy sessions. When his sister dumps his best pal Jorge (Alberto San Juan), a white-collar nonentity with a spastic colon, he decides what better way to cheer him up than by getting together the old team and winning the league.

Jorge in turn is completely oblivious to his best friend’s motives; he believes that Brazil must keep on playing in order to help keep Antonio on the straight and narrow.

Their first match is a total disaster, and then it’s downhill all the way.

Neither do things improve off the pitch where their opponents are even more formidable the demanding wives and girlfriends they love but cannot stand.

As Antonio, Jorge and their equally miserable friends find themselves embroiled in all manner of adventures, from pig training to baby kidnapping, so they come to the painful conclusion that life in your thirties is far from what you expected it to be in your twenties.

More frightening still, they suspect that their forties may be even worse.....