How to Live with a Vegan Without Killing Them (2004) - Synopsis

Scott (Bush) is a web designer making a decent living when out of the blue, his vegan girlfriend (Weimer) moves in. She immediately creates an animal friendly environment, which once resembled his home. Andrea imediately forces her vegan ways on Scott, taking him to interperative dance recitals and ultra-hip trendy bars.
Erik (Anderson) and Dave (Scott) do their best to help Scott cope with the loss of his home and his sanity. Erik, the ever mysterious loudmouth, and Dave the computer programmer, provide company at Scott’s place of solace, the local bar.

During one trip to the bar, an unexpected old friend shows up. Carrie surprised Scott, by showing up after exactly 1 year apart. Scott has his own surprise, when it is revealed he is living with his girlfriend. Past emotions and questions seem to surface about why they haven’t seen each other in a year.

Tensions flare up as Scott prepares for Grilling Season by purchasing 25 pounds of meat, only to find the next day, Andrea has thrown it all out. The last straw happens when Andrea, Stacy (Dhaliwal), and her friend find Scott’s secret stash of meat.

Scott decides to move the office from his front room in to an actual office space, leaving Andrea at home by herself. She turns to her best friend, Mattt (Lezama) for support. While Scott works at his office, Andrea gets a job at Steamers, the local coffee shop.

Scott and Carrie search for their old feelings, all the while he must figure out how to live with a vegan without killing them.