Off the Lip (2004) - Synopsis

Off the Lip (2000) - Synopsis HeadingKat (Marguerite Moreau), a brand new journalism grad, has landed her first big job. It’s in Hawaii and she couldn’t be more excited to get away from her father (David Rasche) and his expectations. All it requires is an upbeat personality, good instincts and a lot of perseverance. But Kat is finding the work harder than she ever imagined. For one thing, her prey - an elusive big wave surfer named “The Monk” – doesn’t intend to be found, and the friendly locals are being somewhat less than helpful. Her uninvited boyfriend (Mackenzie Astin) is driving her crazy, her ex-surfer guide (Mark Fite) has been on the losing end of too many waves, the geek she's reporting to (Adam Scott) is falling in love with her, and she's wanted by the FBI. What’s a girl to do?!

Kat realizes too late that finding “The Monk” will cost her more than she could ever afford. But can she foresee that she’ll wind up finding herself?