Secondary High (2002) - Details

AKA : Trashy Teen Movie

Tales of survival, seduction, and triumph comprise Secondary High a campy cinematic treat split into three episodes. Referencing old and new teen movies, you’ll laugh out loud while recalling just how weird high school often felt. Chet wants to be cool...bad. He’s big, black, and burly yet is as threatening as a teddy bear. Peers think he’s a freak, so he has no friends...until his cousin Heidi arrives—a cute butch who breathes some refreshing life into the uptight household, but not before she stumbles upon Sally (awkward with head-brace and all) living in the basement in an effort to conceal she’s become a vampire! Sally fears rejection as her “new self,” but Heidi advises, “closets are for clothes and basements are for furnaces! ”Next comes Theodora who turns her schoolgirl crush on her teacher into something more after she rescues him from a mugging. The running theme is girlz kick ass. No better portrayed than in the final segment which has three intriguing and rebellious, heavily sequined, “glamrock” lesbians fighting, making up, and fighting again before playing their first gig as The Six Healthy Fists at Chet and Heidi’s big party. Adhering to the principles of the “ridiculous cinema manifesto,” Secondary High is sure to touch and thrill you. – Frameline program notes


Comedy / Drama / Romance / Thriller