Rugrats Go Wild (2003) - Synopsis

Rugrats Meet the Wild Thornberrys (2003) - Synopsis ImageRUGRATS meet THE WILD THORNBERRYS in this Nickelodeon crossover adventure that features characters from both of the wildly popular animated series.

The Pickles family of RUGRATS decides to take a jungle cruise holiday that ends up in disaster. Shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island, the babies are separated from their parents and must fend for themselves under the leadership of Tommy Pickles (the voice of E.G. Daily). Unbeknownst to Tommy, his idol, naturalist and television explorer Sir Nigel Thornberry (Tim Curry), is also on the island with his family to film a documentary on the rarely seen white leopard, Siri (rocker Chrissie Hynde).

Lost in the jungle, the young RUGRATS kids meet the Thornberry daughters, Debbie (Danielle Harris) and Eliza (Lacey Chabert), whose magical ability to talk to animals makes it possible to converse with Spike (Bruce Willis), the Pickles family dog. But Spike has lost his sense of smell, thanks to jungle allergies, and isn't much help in finding their way; he bumbles along, cracking crude jokes with the help of the film's special interactive scratch-and-sniff "Odorama" feature.

Hysterical but witless, Spike is no match for the leopard Siri, and soon everyone is in danger of becoming her next meal as they race around the jungle in search of their parents. Devo frontman, Mark Mothersbaugh, created the film's original score, which includes the duet "Big Bad Cat," sung by Hynde and Willis.