Dry Cycle (2003) - Details

Just on the other side of thirty, Dave is an unemployed sculptor clumsily going nowhere in a small town. With his new job at the tire store beginning tomorrow, he has one last night to reverie before starting what his wife, Jolynn, calls their "new life." Jolynn is convinced her clock is ticking and is dead set on making Dave hear it--and on making Dave do the laundry. With few tools for an escape, Dave instead happens upon a tempestuous beauty in a laundromat named Ruby. Caught in an intrigue of baby-snatching, a bounty hunter and diaper-changing, Dave and Ruby spend a hilarious, unexpected and wild night together. All while Jolynn is persued by a masculine, toothpick chewing sheriff. In a town of good intentions, memorbale characters and nothing much to do, the truth has a way of catching up with you. After running circles, Dave, Trudy, and Jolynn find with the light of a new day the lives they been meaning to live.


Comedy / Romance

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