West Bank Brooklyn (2002) - Synopsis

West Bank Brooklyn (2002) - Synopsis ImageAli Sahid (Charles Daniel Sandoval) has lived a relatively quiet existence in his Arab neighborhood in Brooklyn. Now entering adulthood, he and his brother Mustafa (Bronson Picket) both must deal with the customs and guidelines that come with being practicing Muslims under their father Hassam (Hany Kamal).

Hassam, a widower, has raised his two sons the best he can. He concludes it's time for his oldest son Mustafa, a recent law school graduate, to get married. Keeping with Arab tradition, Hassam arranges a bride for him from their native homeland of Palestine.

After his college loan falls through, Ali takes a semester off and looks for a job. The job he finds calls for him to be a home attendant to Yitzhak Libowitz (Matt Conley), a terminally ill elderly Hasidic Jew. The job creates an uncomfortable situation for Ali due to the continuing violence between Palestinians and Jews in the Middle East.

Ali's situation is further complicated when a close friend, Mohammed (Anil Kumar), gets news from back home that his uncle was killed while fighting along the West Bank by an Israeli solider. During this time of turmoil Ali turns to his closest friend, Saddam (Ghazi Albuliwi) for answers.

What happens when you begin to question your God? What if your religion can no longer give you answers or comfort? What happens when you question your very existence?

West Bank Brooklyn is the story of a group of people trying to find their place in America, religion and life.