Crazy as Hell (2002) - Synopsis

Dr. Ty Adams (Michael Beach) is a maverick psychiatrist whose non-medicinal approach to treatment makes him a hero in some circles and an egoist in others. When a new patient admits himself to Sedah State Mental Hospital claiming to be Satan, Dr. Adams’ methods and treatments are pushed to the limit. Lucid and enigmatic, Adams’ new patient (Eriq La Salle) irreverently challenges him and all hell breaks loose. Adams does his best to meet the challenges but, through the course of their therapy, finds himself wrestling with more than just his own demons.

Shadowed by a film crew producing a documentary on his work and haunted by images of his dead wife and child, Adams spirals from a professional state to one where he could be considered as insane as many of the patients he treats. In the meantime, traditional doctor-patient boundaries are obliterated by Adams and his new patient as they delve deeper into the psyche.

An Orderly working at the hospital (Sinbad) is the only man who may be able to offer some salvation to the troubled Doctor. Adam’s however, chooses to ignore the Orderly’s pleas to talk and continues his ominous descent.
Dr. Adams eventually discovers that his world has been turned upside down and what he once thought of as reality has become a true den of iniquity.