Till Human Voices Wake Us (2001) - Details

Till Human Voices Wake Us

There comes a time in life when the mysteries of the past begin to haunt the present. That time has come for Sam Frank (Guy Pearce), an Australian psychiatrist who finds himself drawn to a spell-binding woman named Ruby (Helena Bonham Carter), whom he meets on a train. In a strange accident on a stormy night, Ruby loses her memory and all traces of her identity. Who is she? Why did she travel to Sam’s old home- town? What does she want? As Sam and Ruby search for the answers, they wake long forgotten desires, deeply buried fears and the lingering memory of a tragic event that was never resolved. Now, the secrets they have harbored are revealed and the feelings from which they have run are finally set free as a supernatural romance overtakes them and allows Sam to dare -- where once, long ago, he hesitated.




USA Cert: R

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