Passionada (2002) - Details


Passionada is the story of three generations of Portuguese women in the fishing community of New Bedford, MA. The protagonist, Sally Amonte, is still mourning the loss of her deceased husband and though she is young and beautiful, has resigned herself to working in the textile mill, caring for her elderly mother, and worrying about her rebellious teenage daughter. Her husband was the love of her life and she does not expect to find another. Charlie Beck is a handsome British charmer, he arrives in a vintage sports car and woos Sally until he sweeps her off her feet. Unfortunately, he neglects to mention that he is a professional gambler with bad instincts and that the Jaguar is borrowed. Sally's daughter, Vicky, is aware of Beck's chosen profession and threatens to tell her Mom (who Beck has fallen in love with) about it unless he tutors her in the art of card counting.


Comedy / Romance

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