Outta Time (2002) - Synopsis

Outta Time (2002) - Synopsis imageAfter a devastating knee injury causes him to lose his soccer scholarship to the prestigious San Diego University, David Morales (Mario Lopez) must find a way to pay for college. His well-meaning ex-girlfriend Emma (Tava Smiley) introduces David to the mysterious Professor Darabont (John Saxon) who has a job proposal for him. Not wanting to disappoint his proud mother Gloriana (Dyana Ortelli), he quickly accepts the well-paying job delivering packages across the Mexican border. Even though David has been assured that the packages only contain a compound to help in medical research, he is still uneasy about the job and once he pays off his tuition, David decides to quit. But it's not that simple....

After celebrating his recent good fortune, chaos erupts as someone tries to murder him. Narrowly escaping death, David is hiding in a phone booth when he is startled to hear the phone ring. "Hello?" It's the no-longer-nice Darabont: "Stay calm and you'll live. You have one final run across the border. The package is on top of the phone booth." David must elude his pursuers at every turn in an attempt to rid himself of the package he finds a simple red Igloo® cooler containing a deadly secret.

When he finally decides to give up and take the package to authorities, Darabont's boss Franco (Richard Lynch) pulls the trump card: He is holding David's mother hostage with the chilling message: "Deliver the package or she dies." There is no one to trust and the clock is ticking. The stakes get increasingly higher as David is chased through the streets of San Diego, makes a daring border cross in Tijuana with the still-secret goods and survives a brutal shootout where he is the lone survivor.

Eventually he meets Bella (Ali Landry), a beautiful young woman on the run from her wealthy past. Together they discover that what he carries is vital to Franco, who is on the top of the FBI's "Most Wanted List." Inevitably, David meets Dr. Drake (Nancy O'Dell), the brilliant surgeon who is keeping Franco alive and healthy while he hides out in Mexico. David makes the delivery in time and, as he is trading the package for his mother, Drake and Franco decide to keep them around for medical purposes. By now this hard-working college student has had a real-world education in intrigue and he is not going to run anymore.

Ultimately, Outta Time (2002) delivers the goods along with a couple of surprises for his enemies.

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