Club Le Monde (2001) - Synopsis

Club Le Monde (2001) - synopsis heading

When Ali found out that her boyfriend Mike had slept with another girl she immediately ended their relationship. Free again, Ali goes clubbing with her best friend but just as they arrive she sees Mike entering the club ahead of her. Undeterred, Ali decides to exact revenge by snogging any man she can find right under Mike's nose.
As Ali sets off on her mission to humiliate Mike, we encounter a further 30 characters all in search of a good time in Club Le Monde, the most happening club in town. There's Yas and Kelly, who never leave the toilets as they gossip about contract killers, kissing
cousins and constipation; Anthony and Patrick, wide-eyed teenagers from the countryside, who try to score drugs and be a hit with the babes; Mosh, the tough-nut bouncer, who is struggling with his sexual identity and desire to be a lawyer; Chas, who has pierced his nipple and tonight is determined to go a step further; Mr. Sunglasses who tries to "connect" in a very disconnecting way; Tanita, Davida and Karina, three outrageous drag-queens who realise they've come to the wrong place; and Danny, Club Le Monde's owner, who gets fresh with his best mate's wife and is about to get caught.

Welcome to Club Le Monde - the club that is truly out of this world. This comedy is set in the London club scene of the 90's and is Simon Rumley's third feature.

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