Not Another Teen Movie (2001) - Synopsis

Not Another Teen Movie (2001) - main synopsis imageWhat a year at John Hughes High. Our Wasp football squad almost went all the way…into the cellar that is, when quarterback John Wyler made an errant pass (was he blindfolded?) and Reggie Ray racked up his umpteenth concussion. Things perked up at dazzling year-end prom, however, where conjoined twins Kara and Sara Fratelli were crowned Prom Queen…make that Prom Queens!

Other highlights (and lowlights) of this eventful year, included a nasty toilet explosion that 'dropped in' in the middle of Mr Keller's English class, Ricky's pathetic "10 things I love about Janey Brigg's" poem. Jake's failed seduction of Janey with a human whipped cream sundae and JHH's own impromptu pre-prom musical extravaganza! And, who could forget
Janey's apprehension by police after Jake's moving serenade of Aerosmith's "Janey's Got a Gun".

The big news; Janey sporting her usual glasses, ponytail and paint-covered overalls and honing her art, was the object of a bet between Jake and smarmy Austin, that she knew she could not be turned into prom queen material. One bodacious make-over later and…well, you know how it turned out!

Some new faces decked our halls this year; Sadie, a 90 year old undercover reporter and exchange student Areola, who shared some of her valuable foreign assets with us. She's now firmly established as the object of lust for American nerds.

Malik, our beloved 'token black guy', fulfilled his obligation of smiling, staying out of the conversation and saying things like "Damn" and "That's whack!". Catherine still hasn't gotten enough brotherly love from her sibling, Jake. Slow-clap guy is still trying to nail is timing. As for the pack to have sex before graduation, forged by the freshmen 'virgin posse' of Mitch Briggs, Janey's hormonally-charged younger , brother, Bruce, a wannabe Asian and the ultra-sensitive Ox…let's just say things have yet to be consummated - better luck next year!

Bitchy head cheerleader Priscilla dumped Jake for a new beau, Les, the weird camcorder-toting guy, who always seems to have a plastic bag floating around next to him! We give the relationship two weeks - tops!

That's the latest from John Hughes High School…. see you next year