Goodbye Charlie Bright (2001) - Synopsis

Goodbye Charlie Bright (2001)It's a scorching summer's day and with nothing better to do CHARLIE and his mates decide to strip off and run naked through their estate, to steal a football from under the noses of a rival gang.

JUSTIN is CHARLIE's best mate and is known as his "wife" because they're always together. DAMIEN is their partner in petty crime, FRANNIE is wrapped up in his girlfriend and TOMMY is about to leave the estate to join the army.

Always on the hunt for the next cheap thrill, the boys nick a bag from DUKE's girlfriend outside a club. In the bag they find some house keys and an address.

At TOMMY's leaving party CHARLIE sees FRANNIE's girlfriend, JULIE, dancing provocatively with another guy. TOMMY's father makes a speech telling everyone how proud he is of his son. He raises his glass to EDDIE, a fellow Falklands veteran and the local tough guy and toasts fallen comrades. CHARLIE reflects that no one has ever had a leaving party before because no one has ever left the estate before.

The next day FRANNIE excitedly tells his friends that he's going to be a father and invites them all out to celebrate. They turn him down, already having plans to rob DUKE's place. JUSTIN goads FRANNIE, who clearly dislikes him. Later, FRANNIE asks CHARLIE why he still hangs around with JUSTIN

CHARLIE and JUSTIN visit TONY IMMACULATE's car lot to borrow a car for the burglary. TONY tells CHARLIE that his cousin is having a fancy dress party the following Saturday.

At DUKE's house CHARLIE goes upstairs to see if there is anything worth nicking, leaving JUSTIN downstairs chopping out some lines of coke with TOMMY'S identity card. CHARLIE is shocked to find DUKE and his girlfriend asleep but he still takes the gun and Rolex watch he finds by the bed. In their hurry to leave the boys wake DUKE but they manage to grab a stereo just in time

Once in the relative safety of their car, JUSTIN realises he's left TOMMY'S card behind. CHARLIE hides the gun without telling the others about it. The boys are pleased with their haul, but when they come to sell the state of the art stereo to TONY IMMACULATE they realise they had forgotten to pick up the remote control.

CHARLIE has a crush on BLONDIE and plucks up the courage to ask her to the pictures. Although she turns him down she gives him a glimmer of hope by saying he can pop in if he's passing.

JUSTIN winds DAMIEN up by claiming he's taken more than his fair share of the money they've got for stolen goods. CHARLIE breaks up the fight and stands by JUSTIN even though he knows he's in the wrong.

Later on, CHARLIE and JUSTIN are roaming the estate. They see JULIE kissing EDDIE in a car before running into DUKE, who asks them if they know where he can find TOMMY. A nasty moment is averted when a couple of local girls stop to hurl abuse at CHARLIE.

At HECTOR's party, CHARLIE's cousin greets him warmly but he is less pleased to see JUSTIN. HECTOR makes a fortune in the property industry and tells CHARLIE he could too, if only he dropped JUSTIN. Meanwhile TONY tells JUSTIN to come to him if he ever needs anything. Despite TONY's show of friendship, JUSTIN steals some money from his wallet. Later, JUSTIN is thrown out of the party and on their way home he shows CHARLIE the remote control he's stolen. CHARLIE's had enough and they have a scrap.

CHARLIE visits BLONDIE and she agrees to go on a date with him. He bumps into FRANNIE, who is planning to ask JULIE to marry him. He is surprised at CHARLIE's lukewarm reaction and he asks what has happened. CHARLIE reveals that he's seen JULIE kissing EDDIE. FRANNIE is devastated and he ransacks EDDIE's flat. In retaliation EDDIE drives his car straight into FRANNIE

At the hospital CHARLIE makes a decision to confront EDDIE with the gun, but when the moment comes he doesn't have the nerve to shoot him. CHARLIE tells JUSTIN what has happened and gives him the gun. Later, after a kid takes the piss out of him, JUSTIN threatens him with the gun. CHARLIE is furious and walks away but JUSTIN follows taunting him about BLONDIE. This is the last straw for CHARLIE and he tells JUSTIN that he's an embarrassment to him and that he can't look after him any more. Devastated, JUSTIN races off and when he sees EDDIE he shoots him. CHARLIE is on hand to pull JUSTIN away from the scene. From the roof of a tower block they watch the police arrive and after an emotional farewell CHARLIE leaves.

JUSTIN gives himself up to the police to applause from onlookers. He enjoys his moment in the spotlight as he is handcuffed and taken away. Meanwhile, CHARLIE packs a bag and leaves the estate, running towards his future.