Juwanna Mann (2001) - Synopsis

Juwanna Mann (2001) - Synopsis HeadingJuwanna Mann follows the story of Jamal Jeffries (Miguel A. Nunez, Jr.), a basketball “bad boy” whose undisciplined on-court antics land him out of the league and without any prospects. Financially strapped and untrained in anything but basketball, Jamal comes up with a plan so outrageous it just might work: to dress up like a woman and try out for the woman’s basketball league. To his surprise, he makes it into the league. But that is where the real challenge begins - to cease being Jamal and start a new life as Juwanna. Matters become even more complicated when Juwanna realizes that he is quickly falling for his teammate Michelle (Vivica A. Fox), who shows him that there is a lot more to women than meets the eye.

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