Dracula 2001 (2000) - Synopsis

Dracula 2001 - headingA vampire hunter in training (Miller) must travel from London to New Orleans to rescue Mary Van Helsing (Waddell) from the family's lifelong nemesis, the vampire Dracula (Butler). (Note: One early rumored aspect of the plot was that it was about a young woman trying to stop a group of people seeking immortality by stealing Dracula's remains. Though the latest reports haven't mentioned this, it seems possible that the "young woman" could be Van Helsing's daughter, Mary, but that's not confirmed). (Vitamin C plays a young woman that Dracula seduces to get to her roommate; Esposito plays an expert thief who falls under Dracula's spell; Jonny Lee Miller has signed on to play an antiques dealer who helps his mentor, Dr. Van Helsing; Ryan plays a New Orleans journalist.