Romeo Must Die (2000) - Synopsis

Romeo Must Die (2000)

Two families, bound by tradition, are locked in a brutal war.

Asian and African American gangs are vying for control of Oakland's waterfront. But when the first casualty is the Asian warlord's son Po, the gang war becomes more dangerous than either side ever imagined.

News of the murder gets back to Po's big brother Han (JET LI), a legendary ex-cop currently imprisoned in a Hong Kong jail. And it's only a matter of time before Han makes his way to American shores.

An outsider to his own family in search of the truth, Han uncovers nothing except more questions. And he has also become a target, not only to the African American camp, but also to faceless assassins whose firepower reaches far beyond the working-class waterfront.

In a world of vicious rivalries and violent betrayals, Han has no choice but to declare war himself. But unlike the others, who can only use weapons, Han is a weapon. And falling into his sightlines can be a deadly mistake.

From JOEL SILVER, producer of the groundbreaking, Oscar-nominated blockbuster Matrix, the (1999) comes a new kind of action movie, filled with rapid-fire martial arts action, riveting visual effects and cutting-edge music.