Lion King, The (1994) - Details

Lion King, The

Simba the Lion cub is born in line to the thrown, following his father - King Mufasa. Scar (the emperor’s malevolent brother) is not satisfied with second best and vows to become the master by destroying Simba and Mufasa. In a staged accident, the King falls to his death, leaving the little cub devastated. Not only has he lost his father and mentor – he believes it was his fault. In shame and sadness, Simba flees the kingdom, in search of a life away from the memories. In his absence, King Scar manages to destroy any happiness that existed under the reign of Mufasa. Simba is found years on and requested to return to his righteous home, and render it a great Kingdom again. Before he can do this – he must face the ultimate enemy – his evil uncle Scar…

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