Broken Arrow (1996) - Details

Broken Arrow

When two of the most elusive military officers crash land in a stealth bomber carrying two nuclear missiles, military executives suspect a crash has occurred as a result of a pilot error or equipment failure. However, Riley Hale (Christian Slater) has just discovered the painful way that his partner and superior, Vic Deakins (John Travolta) is behind the crash and that it is no error. Hale predicts correctly that Deakins is going to use the nuclear weapons for personal revenge as well as profit. Hale feels he is the only man able to stop Deakins as he realises that there are few people in this world you can truly trust. Hale not only has his pride at stake, but his career and future on the thin line because prior to the crash he thought he knew Deakins well and Hale had put his and other peoples lives in his own and Deakins' hands. Hence, to amend his error in judgement Hale chases Deakins and Deakins' crew across Utah. To attempt to put a stop to Deakins' plans Hale adopts a more heroic stance in his military role using big cars, guns, helicopters and grenades as well as anything else that either himself, Deakins, or Deakins' crew stumbles across. The chase ends with a train supposedly heading for a hospital in Salt Lake City where it is assumed Deakins can hide the weapons without them being detected on satellite scans. Naturally, the train has to adapt to guns, explosive traps, and a lack of polite passengers.


Action / Thriller

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