Kill List (2011) - Synopsis

Eight months after a disastrous job in Kiev left him physically and mentally scarred, ex-soldier turned contract killer, Jay, is pressured by his partner, Gal, and wife Shel, into taking a new assignment.

Jay & Gal visit the mysterious Client. Both are disturbed by the Client’s knowledge of “Kiev” and are further shocked when he slashes Jay’s hand as part of a bizarre blood pact to seal the contract. Jay returns home to prepare and say his farewells to Shel and his son Sam.

The first victim is a priest. The hit is straightforward apart from the priest being seemingly aware of his fate and even more bizarrely, thankful to Jay. The body is dealt with and they prepare for the next phase of the contract.

After a short stakeout they break into a lockup and find shelves stacked with the detritus of pornography and duplicating equipment. Gal flicks on a monitor and watches. He is visibly shaken by the unseen images. Jay takes his turn and what he sees makes him physically break down. The switch is flicked. At the second victim’s home Jay tortures the man until he reveals information about the films. Gal heads upstairs to look for money and again the victim acknowledges Jay and thanks him for his fate. The shock and confusion are too much for Jay who viciously attacks the man.

Concerned about Jay and mindful of what happened in ‘Kiev’, Gal convinces Jay to try and ditch the job. Shel is scared and takes Sam to a safe house they keep. Returning to the client their attempts to abort the mission are rejected and they come away with details of another victim. An MP.

In the wooded grounds of the MP’s manor house Jay and Gal stumble across a bizarre ritualistic ceremony. Through the trees they witness a bizarre parade of people – all wearing masks constructed from twigs and wicker. Many are naked and carrying flaming torches. They have stumbled into a cult ritual and Jay’s final descent into the heart of darkness begins…