My Soul to Take (2010) - Synopsis

Wes Craven's bringing his first 3D film to theaters Octobers 8th, please be sure you have the most up to date film synopsis listed below!

Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes, Scream series) brings audiences closer to terror in Rogue’s 3-D My Soul to Take. In the sleepy town of Riverton, Massachusetts, legend tells of the Riverton Ripper, a serial killer with multiple personalities who swore he would return to murder the seven children born the very night he died.

Why? Legend has it that this man had seven personalities…and only one was a killer. The others cried out for help, and in the melee that followed his last series of attacks, the police shot the killer. All seven personalities supposedly died on the spot. But now, the Ripper personality wants his revenge.

It was just a ghost story to amuse the town’s kids…until, on the sixteenth birthday of the Riverton Seven, an unknown assailant begins to murder them, one by one.

Has the psychopath been reincarnated as one of the Riverton Seven, or did he survive the night he was plunged into the river after a fiery ambulance crash? His body was never found, so the town’s police believe that’s the logical explanation.

But is it the right one? It’s up to one boy to find the answer…before he and the rest of the Riverton Seven are dead.

Adam “Bug” Hellerman (Max Thieriot) was one of the children born the bloody night the Ripper vanished. A simple, achingly innocent boy, he’s grown up hearing the stories about the killer and has been plagued by nightmares since he was a baby. But this unlikely hero finds himself chosen to save his friends from the monster that’s returned in flesh or in spirit. Now, he must face an evil he knows won’t rest…until it wrecks the vengeance it pledged the day Bug was born.

How Bug accomplishes this makes for a coming-of-age story with edge, humor and pure terror in equal degrees…and a wild and gripping ride from beginning to end.