Ong bak 2 (2008) - Synopsis

ONG-BAK: THE BEGINNING is the epic tale of one boy’s journey into manhood and the demons he must face in order to accept the loss of his beloved family and exact revenge on those responsible. Set in feudal Thailand 600 hundred years ago we follow Tien as he evolves into one of the most dangerous warriors in the land. These events lead to some the most jaw dropping fight scenes that have ever been portrayed on screen, shot against the epic backdrop of Thailand’s diverse and unforgettable landscape.

Following the ground breaking and global success of ONG-BAK, Martial arts superstar Tony Jaa brings his sensational skills to the screen once again. Due to the pressures of writing, directing and starring in ONG-BAK: THE BEGINNING and whilst going through the most gruelling of production schedules Jaa went native, sharing a ‘Heart of Darkness’ experience similar to that of Francis Ford Coppola while making Apocalypse Now. The release of ONG-BAK: THE BEGINNING is now set to position Tony Jaa as one of the premier auteurs of the
action/martial arts film genre.

Demonstrating a wider range of martial arts skills including styles made popular by Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, Jaa also performs his own perilous stunts, and engages in spectacular duels with some of Thailand’s most notable martial arts heroes such as Dan Chupong (Dynamite Warrior). The climactic action sequence is a breathless fight scene that finds
Jaa squaring off against hordes of foes in a Thai jungle village. A must-see for Asian action aficionados, ONG-BAK: THE BEGINNING is the perfect appetizer before Tony Jaa returns in ONG-BAK 3. ‘It is the fusion of Thai dancing and martial arts to create “Natayuth” fighting style. “Nata” means dancing, and “Yuth” means fighting. So “Natayuth” is the use of dancing moves to combat, which requires conscience, concentration, and intellect to perform. I am confident that there’s no other fighting style like this in the world. This is what we invented
specifically for ONG-BAK: THE BEGINNING besides demonstrating as many styles of martial arts in the world to the audience, including Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Sword and Pole and Samurai Swordplay’ – Tony Jaa

As in ONG-BAK: MUAY THAI WARIOR in 2003, Jaa’s breakout role as a leading man, Jaa did all the stunts without mechanical assistance or computer-generated effects which showcased his style of extreme acrobatics and speedy, dance-like moves. Now famous for filming without cables or the use of CGI effects Tony Jaa has taken a notably grittier and bloodier direction with ONG-BAK: THE BEGINNING and in the style of Bruce Lee redefined the way martial arts/action films are made by creating an all new martial art style for the film known as “Natayuth”