Li-Kong Hsu - Details


HSU LI KONG is one of the most important producers of modern Taiwanese cinema, and is currently President of Zoom Hunt International Productions Co. Ltd.

Hsu was head of the Taiwan film archives before working for the Kuomingtong Cultural Work Committee. He then joined the central Motion Picture Corporation as General Manager and Production Chief. During his tenure at CMPC, he oversaw the production of some of the best known Taiwan films, including Ang Lee’s first three films Pushing Hands, The Wedding Banquet, and Eat Drink Man Woman, as well as Hills of No Return, Vive L'Amour, The Peony Pavillion, Siao Yu, The Accidental Legend, and The River.

Hsu left CMPC in 1997 to form Zoom Hunt International Production Co., which produces television series and films including Sweet Degeneration, Love Go Go, and The Personals. Hsu has also written numerous television scripts.