Julianne Nicholson - Details


Julianne is currently starring the new John Wells series "Presidio Med" which premieres this fall on CBS. Julianne's recent television roles include Jenny Shaw on last season's "Ally McBeal" and a featured role in the Steven Speilberg / Dreamworks series "The Others" (NBC). Julianne's film credits include a lead role in Jay Anania's upcoming film "The Visitors" with Julian Sands; "I'm With Lucy" with Monica Potter, Henry Thomas, Harold Ramis and Julie Chrystie; "Speakeasy" (Miramax) with David Strathairn; "The Love Letter" starring Kate Capshaw, Tom Selleck and Ellen DeGeneres; and "Curtain Call" with James Spader, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Marcia Gay Harden and Sam Shepard. Julianne also appeared in the Stephen King miniseries, "Storm of the Century" on ABC (1999).