Michael Landes - Details


Michael Landes' recent projects include the drama series "Special Unit 2" for UPN and MGM's Hart's War, starring Bruce Willis and directed by Gregory Hoblit.

Landes produced and starred in the feature films The Gentleman from Boston and Getting Personal. He also starred opposite Jennifer Aniston in Dream for an Insomniac, and opposite Sandra Bullock in When the Party's Over.

Landes' television credits include the role of Jimmy Olsen in the long-running series "Lois & Clark," and the lead in the NBC comedy "Union Square. " In addition, he was featured in recurring roles in "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" with Will Smith, as well as "The Wonder Years," where he got his start portraying Winnie Cooper's first boyfriend, Kirk McCrae. Landes also made numerous guest star appearances on a variety of popular television series, including "Providence," "Get Real," "The Drew Carey Show" and "thirtysomething. " In 1993, he was nominated for a Young Star Award for his gripping performance in "Please, God, I'm Only Seventeen. "

Landes has starred in many other made-for-television movies, including Danielle Steel's "No Greater Love," Rescuers: Stories of Courage" and "Max Knight: Ultra Spy. "