Sam Elliott - Details


SAM ELLIOTT was first catapulted to fame with his starring role in the 1976 feature "Lifeguard." His subsequent film work has included "Mask, The (1994) ," with Cher and Eric Stoltz; "Fatal Beauty," opposite Whoopi Goldberg; "Road House"; "Prancer"; "Sibling Rivalry"; "Rush"; the acclaimed Civil War drama "Gettysburg (1993) "; the hit Western "Tombstone (1993) ," with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer; "The Desperate Trail," "Big Lebowski, The (1998) " with Jeff Bridges; and "Hi-lo Country, The (1998) ."
Elliott most recently joined an all-star ensemble cast in the highly praised television adaptation of the Cold War drama "Fail Safe." He earned an Emmy Award nomination for his role in the telefilm "Buffalo Girls," and both produced and starred in two of the highest rated cable projects ever: "You Know My Name," for which he won a Golden Boot Award, and "Conagher." He includes among his many other credits such longform projects as "Rough Riders," "Blue River," "Hole in the Sky," "Fugitive Nights: Danger in the Desert," "The Quick and the Dead," "Houston: The Legend of Texas," "A Death in California," "The Shadow Riders," "Murder in Texas," "The Legacy," "The Sacketts," "Aspen" and "Once an Eagle."