Kenan Thompson - Details


A native of Atlanta, 20-year-old Kenan began his acting career at the age of five playing the Gingerbread Man in a school play. From his kindergarten classroom to the silver screen, Thompson's acting career has skyrocketed with roles such as Russ Tyler in D2 : The Mighty Ducks (0) , Heavy Weights with Ben Stiller and Good Burger with Nickelodeon partner, Kel Mitchell.
On Nickelodeon's popular all-kid sketch comedy program, All That, Thompson has created such memorable characters as the Good Burger guy Dexter, Super Dude, Pierre Escargot, Ishboo, and, with fellow cast member Kel Mitchell, Mavis and Clavis. Thompson also stars in The Kenan and Kel Show, the successful spin-off series about two best friends chasing after your normal teenage dreams. The program received Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Show.


  • 10th May 1978 - Birth