Bradley Thomas - Details


BRADLEY THOMAS is presently resident of the Farrelly Brothers' production company, Conundrum Entertainment. Prior to co-founding the entertainment entity, Thomas collaborated with the siblings as producer of their last three features, "Kingpin (1996)," "There's Something About Mary (1998)" and "Me, Myself & Irene (2000). " He began his association with them as co-producer on their 1994 debut feature, "Dumb & Dumber (1994). "

Thomas, a native of Baltimore, graduated from the University of Maryland before beginning a sojourn that took him around the globe over the next year. He landed volunteer work in India with Mother Teresa and fatefully met film producer Jake Eberts, who, with director Roland Joffe, was scouting locations for an upcoming film. After an introduction to the Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Thomas won a job as Joffe's video operator on his production of "City of Joy (1992)," then returned to the states and entered the ICM training program. Through his affiliation at ICM, he joined filmmakers Bernardo Bertolucci and Jeremy Thomas during preparation of their film, "Little Buddha (1993). "

He next joined the Motion Picture Corporation of America in 1993, where, in three years, Thomas oversaw production on dozens of MPCA projects, taking the company from ten employees to over 100 while building a film library consisting of over 100 titles. One of those titles was the Farrelly Brothers' "Dumb & Dumber (1994)," where he first met the directorial duo. Shortly before the company was acquired by Orion Pictures, Thomas became a partner in MPCA.

Thomas also co-produced the film "Till the End of the Night (1994)," written-and-directed by Larry Brand. He has produced "Soldier Boyz ," "Behind Enemy Lines (2001)," "Locusts (1997)," which stars Ashley Judd, Vince Vaughn and Kate Capshaw, and the romantic comedy "Music from Another Room (1998)," starring Jude Law, Jennifer Tilly and Brenda Blethyn.

Thomas, along with the Farrellys, will next produce the comedy "Shallow Hal (2002)" and two animated features, "Frisco Pigeon Mambo" (currently in development) and "Osmosis Jones," a live-action/animated comedy starring Bill Murray, Chris Rock and David Hyde Pierce.