Zooey Deschanel - Details


Zooey Deschanel<B>Birth Name:</B> Zooey Claire Deschanel
<B>Nicknames:</B> Zo
<B>Date of Birth:</B> January 17, 1980
<B>Place of Birth:</B> Los Angeles, California
<B>Eye Color:</B> Blue
<B>Hair Color:</B> Black
<B>Height:</B> 5'6
<B>Family </B>
<B>Father:</B> Caleb Deschanel, director and Oscar-nominated cinematographer. Photo
<B>Mother:</B> Mary Jo Deschanel, actress.
<B>Sister:</B> Emily Deschanel, actress. Photo
<B>Status:</B> Single once again.
<B>Education:</B> Attended Crossroads, a Performing Arts High School in Santa Monica and spent six months studying theater at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.
<B>Favorite Color:</B> Red
<B>Interests:</B> Jazz singing, Philosophy, Fashion, and Photography.
<B>Interesting Fact:</B> Zooey is named after the male character from J.D. Salinger's wonderful Franny and Zooey.
<B>Interesting Fact:</B> She plays the piano and the ukulele.
<B>Interesting Fact:</B> She went to school with Almost Famous co-star Kate Hudson.
<B>Interesting Fact:</B> Elijah Wood is a fan of Zooey's.
<B>Interesting Fact:</B> She has dated Mickey Madden from the band Maroon 5, Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore), Matthew Davis (Legally Blonde), Chris Kattan (SNL), and Danhi Harrison (George's son).
<B>Interesting Fact:</B> She collects oversized sunglasses and vintage coats.
<B>Interesting Fact:</B> She turned down a part in the indie Bully to star in Big Trouble.
<B>Interesting Fact:</B> She has performed with the comedy group Manifest Destinyfest.
<B>Interesting Fact:</B> She and actress pal Samantha Shelton (Marley's sister) make up the band If All the Stars Were Pretty Babies. They perform original cabaret acts around LA.