Harold Perrineau Jr. - Details


HAROLD PERRINEAU, JR. most recently co-starred in the box office hit "The Best Man."

1999 was a busy year for Perrineau who was featured in three theatrical movies. In addition to "The Best Man," the actor starred in "Macbeth in Manhattan" and "A Day in Black and White."

Perrineau's other recent credits include "The Tempest," "Lulu on the Bridge," "The Edge," "Blood and Wine," "Romeo + Juliet" and "Smoke." He previously appeared in "Flirt," "King of New York" and "Shakedown."

Perrineau is currently a regular on the hit HBO series "Oz" and had a recurring role on the Emmy-winning "I'll Fly Away." He has guest-starred on numerous series, including "Law & Order," "E.R." and "The Cosby Show."