Graciela Mazon - Details


Costume designer GRACIELA MAZON created the costumes for The Mask of Zorro for director Martin Campbell and is delighted to be designing for him again on Vertical Limit.

Her most recent production was Crazy in Alabama, directed by Antonio Banderas and starring Melanie Griffith. She also designed costumes for From Dusk Till Dawn, starring Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney, and Desperado, starring Antonio Banderas and directed by Robert Rodriguez.

A native of Mexico, Mazon is also an extremely talented and accomplished artist. Her paintings, drawings and sculptures have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Mexico, France and the United States.
Her work for The Mask of Zorro was nominated for a Costume Designers Guild Award and a BAFTA.

She holds degrees in art from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and the Institutio Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico. She also studied mime at l'Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris and earned a doctorate in theatre and cinema design at the University of Paris.
Her artwork led her to the entertainment business, where she began designing the wardrobe for various commercials, videos and television programs. In film, Mazon has twice been honored with Arieles, awarded by the Mexican Academy of Science and Cinematic Arts, for her costume design on Miroslava and Queen of the Night. Mazon also worked on several projects with director Luis Valdez, including the TNT presentation of Cisco Kid, starring Jimmy Smits.