Mía Maestro - Details


Mia Maestro, an accomplished actress, dancer and singer, has come to the fore in motion pictures. She made her screen debut in the Academy Award-nominated film Tango, and will went on to star in Alfonso Arau's forthcoming Picking Up the Pieces with Woody Allen and Sharon Stone and in Venice Biennale with Lauren Bacall, Dennis Hopper and Stockard Charming. Maestro's international influences include studies in both Berlin and Buenos Aires in a wide range of disciplines including dance and music. She is a specialist in the repertoire of Kurt Weill, whose songs she has interpreted on different occasions. She has also interpreted the works of Luciano Berio and John Cage. She made her stage debut in a Carlo Goldoni trilogy and went on to garner widespread acclaim in Wedekind's "Pandora's Box" at the San Martin Theatre in Buenos Aires.