James D. Brubaker - Details


JAMES D. BRUBAKER has had a 40-year career in motion pictures during which time he has worked on countless television programs and over 50 feature films. His most recent credits as an executive producer include Life, starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, Liar Liar with Jim Carrey, and A Walk in the Clouds featuring Keanu Reeves and Anthony Quinn. He served as producer on the multi award-winning HBO movie Gia, starring Angelina Jolie, and was the co-producer on The Nutty Professor.

Beginning his career as a driver at MGM after a stint in the army, Brubaker worked his way up to the head of transportation for the studio. He then moved over to production where he gained experience in all phases of filmmaking. Among his credits during this time are production manager on Raging Bull, Comes a Horseman, and New York, New York; associate producer on Rhinestone, Rocky III and True Confessions; line producer on Patty Hearst; and co-producer on Rambo III. Additional films on which Brubaker has served as producer or executive producer are Cobra, Rocky IV and The Right Stuff, among many others.

This year Brubaker teamed with Tom Shadyac in the director's production company, Shady Acres. Off the set, Brubaker devotes his time to inspiring young people as a teacher and lecturer at UCLA and USC, and as a board member of Streetlights, a training program in film crafts for disadvantaged inner-city youths. He creates opportunities for these trainees on his films providing them with the experience necessary to forge careers in the business.