Alexander Buchman - Details


Alexander Buchman entered the film business in 1992 when he founded Avrora Media GmbH, and produced among other films: OVER DARK WATERS, THREE SISTERS, TWO CAPTAINS, GIRLFRIENDS AND OTHER MONSTERS and the acclaimed thriller MUTE WITNESS directed by Anthony Waller. He was an executive producer on AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS. Buchman is also involved in Theatrical Production, and is currently developing film and stage projects in both the USA and Russia. He was a member of the management board of the Moscow International Film Festival until 1996.

In 1997 he branched out into the music production business, founding ADP Medienentwicklung GmbH, and the attendant label REAL HOT RECORDS, with its own state of the art recording facility. Since 1999, he has also been involved in event and concert management.