Tyler Mane - Details


Tyler ManeA professional wrestler for over eleven years, Mane stands 6’10 and weighs 275 pounds. He has wrestled all over the world in association with the Universal Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling, and, in 1994, he became Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Champion for the U.W.F.

Mane recently was cast in the feature film comedy Adventures of Joe Dirt, The (2001), starring David Spade. His television work includes a guest starring role in the series Son of the Beach, the popular Baywatch parody from Howard Stern Productions, airing on FX. Mane also appeared in the recent television pilot Choppy along with another guest starring role on Party of Five. He had a co-starring role in the television movie-of-the-week The Bandit, and took the lead role of Dean Rebel in the San Diego Repertory production of Turbo Tanzi.
Mane has nine years of martial arts experience, is an avid kickboxer and played semi-professional football in his native Canada.