Graeme Revell - Details


GRAEME REVELL came to film scoring from an unconventional background, first as a psychiatric social worker and then as a composer and performer of post-industrial new-wave music. He made a strong impression on film audiences with his eerie, evocative score for the thriller Dead Calm, which earned him an Australian Academy Award for Best Score.

After moving to Los Angeles, Revell composed the scores for such films as Body of Evidence, Strange Days, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Hard Target, Until the End of the World, The Craft, Spawn, The Crow, The Saint, The Big Hit, The Negotiator and Wayne Wang's Chinese Box, which received the award for Best Music at the Venice Film Festival.

Revell's recent projects include The Siege, Lulu on the Bridge, The 13th Warrior and selections from Michael Mann's The Insider.


  • 23rd October 1955 - Birth