Bruce Berman - Details


BRUCE BERMAN joined the production division of Warner Bros. and rose through the ranks of executives to become President of Worldwide Theatrical Production. Under his aegis, the studio produced and distributed such titles as the Oscar-winning "Driving Miss Daisy (1989)," as well as "GoodFellas (1990)," "Presumed Innocent (1990),' "Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (1991)," "Batman Forever (1995)," "Malcolm X (1992)," "Bodyguard, The (1992)," "JFK (1991)," "Fugitive, The (1993)," "Dave (1993)," "Time To Kill, A (1996)" and
"Twister (1996). " In 1996, Berman started Plan B Entertainment, the Warner Bros.
Pictures-based independent production company which was later acquired by Village Roadshow Pictures. Village Roadshow Pictures, where Berman
now holds the post of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, currently has 20 projects in various stages of development at Warner Bros. Pictures. Most recently, Berman executive produced "Three Kings (1999)," "Matrix, The (1999)," "Analyze This (1999)," "Deep Blue Sea (1999)," "Practical Magic (1998)" and "Space Cowboys (2000)," through Village Roadshow's partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures. Village Roadshow's most recent release is the hit film "Miss Congeniality (2001)," starring Sandra Bullock, produced jointly with Warner Bros. Pictures and Castle Rock Entertainment.