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Stuart WilsonSTUART WILSON has developed a long career in both the United States and England, encompassing around 100 films and major television series. For the past 10 years, his work has been in major U.S. films, including The Mask of Zorro, Enemy of the State, No Escape, The Age of Innocence, Death and The Maiden, The Rock, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Lethal Weapon 3 and The Mask of Zorro.

He has now returned to his native England, where the Luzhin Defense was produced: with Emily Watson and John Turturro, directed by Marleen Goriss (Antonia’s Line).

He also appeared in Here on Earth with Chris Klein (American Pie), and he will appear in Slow Burn with Minnie Driver. Work also includes the television thriller Second Sight.

Before moving to Los Angeles in 1990 to begin his film career, he was well established in England in television and theatre. His major television dramas include Prime Suspect, Jewel in the Crown, The Old Men at the Zoo, Anna Karenina and The Pallisers.


  • 17th April 1934 - Birth