David Rosenbloom, A. C. E. - Details


DAVID ROSENBLOOM, A.C.E.previously edited Mimi Leder's blockbuster hits "Deep Impact"and "The Peacemaker."

Rosenbloom's credits also include three films with director Gregory Hoblit, the recent "Frequency," as well as Amblin Entertainment's "Class of '61" and the hit feature film, "Primal Fear"; as well as four projects with director David Anspaugh -- "Moonlight and Valentino," "Rudy," "Fresh Horses" and the telefilm "In the Company of Darkness"; and Michael Mann's "The Insider"; Joshua Brand's "A Pyromaniac's Love Story"; William Friedkin's "Blue Chips" (shared credit with Augie Hess and Robert K. Lambert) and John Flynn's "Best Seller."

In addition to "Class of '61," Rosenbloom's work for television includes the series pilots for "I'll Fly Away," "Equal Justice" and "Miami Vice," as well as the telefilm "Do You Remember Love?" He has also directed episodes of "NYPD Blue," "Melrose Place" and "Hill Street Blues."