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TREVOR RABIN has consolidated a position in the first rank of popular film composers. He wrote the music for the Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster Armageddon and provided an intricate, unnerving electronic score for Bruckheimer’s techno-thriller Enemy of the State. At the opposite end of the spectrum was a lyrical orchestration for the Michael Keaton family movie Jack Frost. In 1999, Rabin also wrote a pulsating composition for Deep Blue Sea. Trevor returned to his roots for Whispers: An Elephants Tale, drawing on traditional African instrumentation, vocal performances and powerful rhythms to create his atmospheric score.

His first film work was composing additional music for Fair Game. He contributed the music either in whole or in part for Eraser and The Glimmer Man, and wrote the entire scores for Con Air and Homegrown.

Rabin is part of a new generation of film composers who hail from the world of rock music. As a member of the rock band phenomenon YES for over a decade beginning in 1983, he played guitar and wrote most of the music on the group’s best-selling album 90125 including the number one single Owner of a Lonely Heart. He also penned the majority of the songs and co-produced YES’s next album, Big Generator. For his solo albums, Rabin wrote or co-wrote all the songs, played every instrument but drums and engineered most of the recordings.

A native of Johannesburg, South Africa, Trevor studied classical piano and trained as a conductor and arranger. His first professional band performed original anti-apartheid songs. He later founded Rabbit, which became the most popular rock band in South African history. After moving to London and co-producing Manfred Mann’s Chance album, Rabin released three albums on Chrysalis Records. He moved to Los Angeles in 1981 and two years later joined YES.

Rabin and his family make their home in Los Angeles.


  • 13th January 1954 - Birth